Why do you need to transfer the site to another hosting

There are many companies that provide their customers with services for hosting sites on their dedicated servers, the so-called hosting. When localizing your site on the hosting site, as well as all the information contained on it will be regularly available to users. Traditionally, in addition to file storage and site maintenance, the hosting site hosting service involves various optional services, such as creating backups, supporting the most common engines, technical support, and consulting on company services.

Why transfer the site to another hosting?

The reasons for transferring the site to another hosting can be either internal or related to the functional features of the hoster. The main reasons for changing the location of the portal are given below.

Ceased to arrange hosting site tariffing

A company providing a platform for placing an information resource on the network can unreasonably increase the tariff for its services, cancel discounts and promotions, as a result of which you come to the conclusion that it is irrational to use its services in the future.

Limited technical capacity

During the creation of the site, the services provided by the provider were quite enough, but for further development and improvement, the resource may begin to need new capabilities and more powerful tools. When the hoster has reached its limit and is not able to provide all the variety of functional tools, it thereby limits the development process of the site. In such a situation, transferring the site to another hosting looks like a logical and justified solution.

Unstable hosting

The server, like any equipment, has the feature of breaking down and failing as a result of failures, malfunctions, or periodically shutting down for preventive maintenance. However, some companies are making efforts to minimize these troubles, while others are not worried enough about the reliability and smooth operation of their servers. It should be noted that often repeated failures in the resource’s work inevitably entail the loss of visitors who would like to visit the site, but if it is unavailable, they are forced to use another. Downtime also negatively affects site ranking. Sometimes a search robot, when analyzing a resource, regards it as having lost its working capacity and may exclude it from the search results. In this case, in order to preserve the target audience, the transfer of the site to another hosting will be required.

Failure to provide hosting archiving and data backup services

Data backups are best placed on removable media. To guarantee the safety of the content, it is advisable to resort to the services of creating and placing backups on your server. If your provider does not do backups, this is a good reason to think about moving the site to another hosting.

Low server speed

Hosting is classified by the technology of hosting sites on servers from the point of view of virtual servers (VPS) and dedicated servers. A dedicated server, of course, is more acceptable in terms of access to software, in terms of network security and ensuring high-speed uninterrupted access. However, if the hoster rationally allocates its resources, even on virtual servers, the speed of work will be almost imperceptible. However, provided that new users are actively attracted and portal traffic is increased, it is worth transferring the resource to a dedicated physical server for more stable operation.

When transferring a domain to a hosting company https://justvps.com/, you can order a transfer while maintaining a unique site name that was remembered by regular visitors. When transferring a domain name to a new hosting, the addresses of its DNS servers change and are assigned to another hosting.