The main benefits of the Delta AirLines gift card

Delta AirLines is considered one of the oldest and most popular airlines in the world. Its services are used by more than 160,000,000 passengers annually. The company is engaged in passenger traffic since mid-1929. If you want to make a universal gift for a loved one or even a colleague, it makes sense to use the Delta AirLines gift card.

These cards will help the person buy a plane ticket using the face value of the card. It is a great option for travelers who like to explore new countries and cities, as well as for those who never dared to make their first flight. It is worth paying more attention to the features of the airline, as in the end you will be able to decide whether to buy such a gift card.


Delta AirLines is considered the largest airline in the world in terms of number of passengers carried. Delta AirLines is a member of SkyTeam, the second-largest airline association in the world. The entertainment system provided to Delta AirLines passengers is perhaps the best available today. Not only can passengers listen to music, watch movies and television, but also surf the Internet via Wi-Fi. 

Route network     

Delta Air Lines transports passengers to nearly 100 countries on five continents. The route network includes Asia, Africa, North America, Europe, South America, Oceania and Australia.


Delta AirLines is ranked 28th in JACDEC’s safety rating. It is true that very young airlines were at the top of this ranking. The last serious accident that happened to a Delta AirLines aircraft dates back to 1985. 


Delta AirLines is not one of the most punctual airlines in the rankings. Although, in justification of the company can not miss the fact that the calculation of ratings is conducted in percentage of delayed flights, so airlines with a small fleet are in a more favorable position.  

Bonus programs     

For regular customers Delta Air Lines has a bonus program SkyMiles, which includes additional benefits for passengers who fly a certain number of miles with Delta Air Lines. The size and number of available benefits increase as bonus miles accumulate and do not expire. The program includes: upgrades, discounted car rentals and hotel rooms, redemption miles for new trips and more. In 2006 the SkyMiles program was voted the best of its kind. 

In addition, frequent flyers can purchase subscriptions to many additional services. You can also purchase an airline gift card to surprise someone else. Such a gift will be a great option in most situations. You just need to use the options available and try to choose the solution that will be perfect. You can also look into other gift card options that will also be a great option depending on the situation.

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