Repair of electrical wiring in the apartment: important rules

Today, as in previous years, residents of our country buy not only new housing, but also apartments for secondary sale. In this case, there is always the question of repair of purchased housing, which concerns not only the ceiling, walls and floor, but also, of course, wiring. As far as not always such apartments were designed to fuel a fairly large number of household appliances, which today is no longer a luxury but a necessity. We are talking about everyday household helpers such as washing machine, refrigerator, vacuum cleaner, electric kettle, hair dryer, microwave, electric grill, etc. Do you agree that it is difficult to imagine us without these attributes of a comfortable life? Most of the electrical appliances are high-powered. So, you will need to change not only the wiring, but also the electric meter.

How to fix the electrical wiring is the basic rules

These useful reminders will save not only money, but also time.

  1. Take your time with the repair. Start everything right and make a project for electrifying your premises first. Decide for yourself which electrical appliances will be used, how they will be located in the room and in what quantity. It is also worth deciding what kind of lighting will be in the house, where they will be placed, for maximum convenience, sockets and switches. At what height they are best placed – both in the living rooms and in the kitchen and bathroom. Electrical fittings must be of high quality.
  2. Many people mistakenly believe that it is better to do a partial repair of wiring and this will be enough. In fact, all work is better to do immediately and from “a” to “z”. It is not known what is going on under the plaster, what imperfections are hidden under it, and what can end up in the future such a partial repair.
  3. It is necessary to make calculations related to the total energy consumption. For this purpose, plus the capacity of all electrical appliances, which will be fed from one line, and thus one automatic machine. Electricians advise not to connect more than five sockets per device, as their total power should not exceed 5 kW.
  4. This is a really important point which must not be overlooked. We’re talking about the quality of the cable and wire products. It is better not to take cheap fittings. When buying, pay attention to the quality of contacts, the material from which they are made. For example, chrome or nickel with a ceramic temperature stable base. Consider also filling the electric board – the number of automatic machines (depending on the number of lines).
  5. Remember the junction boxes, which are placed in the places of switching wires with each other. They should be of high quality, located where there is free access for repair and replacement.
  6. Choose pads to connect the wires, which will greatly simplify installation and timing. Or take another suitable safe option for connecting the cables to each other.
  7. In this case, it is always worth looking ahead to the future. This means having a reserve of protection devices, sockets and more. Because after a while part of the wiring may become unusable and it is better in this case not only to minimize the time for repair, but also to get out of the situation with minimal money costs.

The most important rule is full and unconditional compliance with safety regulations. If you do not know or doubt how to perform an action correctly, it is better to find a electric repair service in NYC. For a complete replacement of electrical wiring, it is worth doing so. After all, it will involve the preparation of a new project and its approval by the relevant authorities.