How to win on Mirage in CS:GO

In today’s top, we’re going to talk about how to win on Mirage. This map is one of the most annoying for professional players. How else could it be, Mirage is the most popular and most chosen map in CS:GO. It’s played all the time and everywhere: in pro-matches, in matchmaking, in the FPL, and in other leagues.

However, despite its popularity and seeming simplicity, learning how to play Mirage is a difficult task. In today’s article, we will try to give you some tips on how to play Mirage correctly. And if you want to diversify the game, you can buy the best csgo case to open.

Setup for the CT

As with all cards, it’s very important to understand how to properly take positions for the defense. The classic setup on Mirage is 2A, 2B, and 1 mid. However, the higher the level of the players, the more you realize that mid of the utmost importance on Mirage. More often than not a good-level terrorist team will start their attacks via mid as it makes the defensive players nervous because of the uncertainty.  Therefore, if you play a team, try to choose a 1-3-1 setup. The only weakness of this tactic may be the plant B. However, the right position and good info can enhance this plant as well, so don’t hesitate and try this setup.

How to keep plant A?

Plant A has three exits for terrorists. It’s a pretty open plant, but at the same time, it’s relatively easy to play the defense. That’s because you can flash your enemies and you don’t have to make anything up: Just throw a grenade up and come out from behind the box. Also, you need to understand that your main goal is not to kill five opponents, but to stall for time so that your teammates with mid can shift. 

How to keep plant B?

The best advice for the person who’s holding plant B is to play more aggressively. While a lot of maps punish overly active plant defenders very often, the situation with Mirage is a bit different. Aggression is welcome on both mid and plant B. However, this does not mean that you have to fly headlong into an attack. Before you fly into an area, throw some smoke in, and only then run in. However, you don’t have to push, try to take some non-obvious position, like on the couch or behind a wall. More often than not, attacking players will check plant positions, forgetting that they can be killed in the back.  At the same time, don’t play aggressively all the time, as this will become obvious.

Playing for the attack

The most important aspect of playing for the terrorist side on Mirage is taking over mid.  In order to gain an advantage and not get shot by a sniper, you need to be able to do scatters. Plus, you’ll need a few more smokes to delay the enemy’s exit in other positions. Once you get deeper into the mid, you need to do a few more spreads and make at least one open kill. After that, you will divide your enemy into two camps and can easily take the easier to enter the plant. It is quite normal to leave a few players in other positions in order to get crucial information about the enemy’s movements.

Plant A

Everything is relatively clear with the attack on B since it has only one way out. But everything is not so simple with the attack on A, because you can enter plant A from two sides, without considering mid. In order to safely enter plant A, you must remember that your main weapon is smoke or surprise. The latter is not always necessary, but spreading is vital. You need to cut off as many important positions with smokes as possible, especially if you have a sniper playing against you. If you are looking for merchandise for the game, visit This is a great opportunity to buy cases and other merchandise that will help make the game more appealing.