Expensive gifts

We hope that we can help you when choosing a gift for someone dear to you. Of course, the range of luxury gifts in modern stores is much wider than what we were able to fit in this article. So look for specialized sites, if you are still deciding on the original and special gift for the hero of the day. No matter what gender this person is, a VIP gift can be found for everyone. Even children and pets are not left out. If you are looking for a universal gift, you should consider a Red Robin gift card.


Expensive or even luxurious lighters are always a good present for your smoking friends, colleagues, relatives or boss. You may not support smoking, nevertheless there are such people, and they definitely need our signs of attention. You can find individual leather-trimmed lighters as well as those included in a cigar set.


One of the most important gifts you can give a guy. Online stores carry them from well-known premium brands like Pininfarina, Montegrappa and Kaminskiy Studio. Their designer pens come in classic designs as well as in the form of a rifle or in the style of “Lord of the Rings”. With these writing accessories when you sign important papers you will definitely draw the attention of your colleagues to your taste and style. Expensive pens as a gift – what can be better?


Like many fashionable things, cufflinks were invented by the French. They quickly became an elite accessory and a sign of belonging to the wealthy class. Nothing has changed since then. The luxury cufflinks are made of precious materials and decorated with jewelry stones. Therefore, wearing them indicates the status of the cufflinks’ owners. They are the perfect gift for all successful men, executives and business owners.

Women’s watches

In the days of smartphones, when children get their first phone before they learn to speak, wearing a watch has lost its practical meaning. But the aesthetic component has not gone anywhere. This accessory perfectly complements your image, making it complete. That is why it is important for the watch to match your taste and fit your lifestyle. In online stores, this accessory is represented by such famous brands as Bulova and Casio. Some of these watches will last you where you wouldn’t take your favorite smartphone, such as on an extreme vacation. The perfect luxury gift for all women without exception.

Tea or coffee sets

Servers, in our current notion of them, became popular around the eighteenth century. Generally, they were used by the nobility, who had the opportunity to spend an hour, or even two, at tea time. They were therefore often made of fine work and enhanced with gilding and other decorations. Now that the tradition of fine tea services has faded somewhat, specialty stores are bringing those times back. There you will find these original VIP gifts for every taste: fully gilded, silver, rarity and even malachite. Such a present for your beloved girl is a perfect way to show how much you appreciate this person.

If you want to choose an inexpensive but still very pleasant surprise, you can pay attention to Papa John’s gift card