Decabol – without doubt one of the most popular anabolic steroids. The drug has been on the sports pharmacology market for several decades. Once it could be found on the shelves of a pharmacy called Retabolil.  

In fact, this steroid can both greatly help an athlete and completely ruin his health. This steroid is one that needs to be studied very well before starting a course. What you get from a steroid, breast enlargement or incredible muscle mass, only depends on how seriously you take it.
Professional weightlifters recommend that beginners not get too carried away with this drug, well, if they are already carried away, then do it with extreme caution.

In general, the following effects are distinguished from taking decabol :

  • gain in muscle mass;
  • fast recovery of the body;
  • an increase in power indicators;
  • qualitatively affects the ligaments and joints;
  • makes bones stronger;
  • the level of libido is significantly increased.

How to take decabol

It is important to immediately understand that the course must be drawn up in accordance with special rules. The first and most important rule is that you need to take Decabol only with testosterone, the dosage of which will be twice as much. For example, if your weekly dosage of Deca is 150 milligrams, be sure to take 300 milligrams of testosterone in the background. More details:

The second condition is equally important. It implies that it is imperative to control the level of prolactin in the blood. Control should be as strict as possible. If the level of prolactin is exceeded even a little, then we can say with one hundred percent guarantee that serious side effects cannot be avoided. If this happens, you should definitely start taking cabergoline .

Decabol side effects

As for the side effects. In order to prevent their appearance, observe the dosage as strictly as possible. To correctly calculate the dosage, consult a professional if you are not yourself. You can even consult a doctor before starting the course. The doctor will be able, on the basis of examinations, to find out which dosage is right for you, and also tell you whether it is worth taking Decabol at all or not. There is a type of people for whom the use of such a steroid is strictly prohibited. Who knows, maybe you are one of these people. Information source:

Decabol reviews

If we talk specifically about what results a steroid helps to achieve, then athletes note a positive effect. Separately, there is an increase in muscle mass, strengthening of joints and a strong increase in strength indicators.

Take decabol as correctly as possible, and then you will have high results. Experienced athletes have noted that all the side effects mono to reduce to no in the case write a good course. Weightlifters recommend entrusting the preparation of the course to experienced and knowledgeable people. Actually, this was discussed above.