Deca Durabolin is an injection-type drug for bodybuilders

Properties and application

Deca Durabolin refers to substances with an increased property of an anabolic nature and a slightly pronounced effect of androgenic nature. The active ingredient in the preparation is Nandrolone decanoate, known in the bodybuilding world . The concentration of this substance per milliliter is about one hundred milligrams. Today you can buy Deca in ampoules of two milliliters.   

The drug acts by enhancing protein synthesis, thereby creating a positive nitrogen balance. Thus , there is an increase in the growth of the muscle frame, bones are strengthened. Athletes note an increase in strength, endurance and acceleration of recovery processes. Deck’s work period is two weeks. And if you strictly adhere to the instructions for use, you can see how immunity increases. The drug is also harmless to our liver and other organs.

Once Deca Durabolin was used exclusively in medicine. He could compensate for the lack of secretion of his own hormones. It was used for anemia, infections of a chronic nature, for injuries, operations.

In sports, the drug increases the growth rates of high-quality muscles, strength and endurance. But more often it is recommended to use this product specifically for men. Women, on the other hand, must act with caution. For the weaker sex, the minimum dosage with a low frequency of injection is assumed.

What are the side effects

The drug has contraindications. If there is hypersensitivity to the active substance, prostate hypertrophy is detected, heart failure, oncology or atherosclerosis are detected, it is better not to use this drug at all. However, Deca has a reduced level of aromatization and this helps to reduce the manifestation of side effects . The main thing is to observe the dosage indicated in the instructions and the frequency of the injection series. Information source:


Since the drug works for up to fourteen days, weekly injections must be given to maintain effectiveness. The dosage varies between two hundred and six hundred milligrams. The course is about six to seven weeks. Moreover, the drug can cause an increase of up to ten kilograms of muscle mass. Deca is often used in combination with other substances.

Where could I buy?

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