Science & Technology Australia

a respected and influential contributor to debate on public policy, providing a strong voice for those we represent

Science & Technology Australia (STA) is Australia’s peak body in science and technology – we represent more than 75,000 Australian scientists and technologists working across all scientific disciplines.

STA is a respected and influential contributor to debate on public policy, providing a strong voice for those we represent. WHAT WE DO

Our mission is to bring together scientists, governments, industry and the broader community to advance the role, reputation and impact of science and technology across the nation.

With headquarters based in Canberra, STA has established meaningful relationships with parliamentarians, the Office of the Chief Scientist, the scientific academies, heads of government science agencies, granting bodies, and key players in the science and technology industries across Australia.

STA enjoys strong and diverse alliances and partnerships with the STEM sector, government and industry, promoting collaboration and cooperation across the breadth of Australian science and technology.

These partnerships are just one of the ways in which we work on behalf of our members, and help us to ensure that Australian scientists are represented in discussion about the future of the sector.

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Science meets Parliament is designed to bring together decision makers and Australia’s leading STEM professionals, to promote the role of science, technology, engineering and mathematics – and the valuable part these sectors can play in politics.

After 20 years of running Science meets Parliament, the event has managed to achieve enduring relationships between politicians and science and technology leaders; spark valuable policy change to the benefit of STEM business; catalyse vital skills for a range of Australia’s STEM leadership; and has helped to jump start funding and support for important fields of research.

Each year more than 200 scientists, technologists and STEM professionals take part in this unique event over two very full days.